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News Report Of The T.I Arrest

I posted yesterday about the whole T.I arrest, but here is the news coverage of the whole incident I found on the tube.

Here is the guns that was found in T.I’s home in College Park, GA


It’s a shame T.I got himself caught up in something like this. He was the top of his career and soon to release his new movie ‘American Gangster’ with Denzel Washington and Common.


40 Responses to “News Report Of The T.I Arrest”

  1. Not that I condone anything but, if T.I. wanted guns he shouldn’t have been the one buying them. His life is submerged by the spotlight of Hollywood. He should expect that he can’t make any moves with out someone watching, especially the feds. But his body guard is low down for setting him up. I read about T.I.’s arrest on http://www.globalgrind.com. If you haven’t checked it out yet give it a try.

  2. Free Ti u bitch ass Police.ti da king ya dig pussy ass police fucking pigs

  3. man let my muthafuckin boi out man it aint like he was threatning or putting people in danger he want to protect himself and he got a rite to hell dez dayz u gotta watch yourself and if yall lock my nigga TI up 4 dat shyt lock me up too bitches FREE TI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love TI so bad an i fine he should not be lock up he is 2 sweet 2 be in dere some one set him up an dat person needs 2 be caught an dwelt wit I LOVE U TI

  5. yall is dumb wat the fuck he got caught with illegal weapons that are pully autamatic, automatic guns are illegal yall are freakin stupid go to school bitches!
    he also got caught with drugs dumbasses

    • ? I’m sorry but the way that you mispelled almost every word in your comment and the excessive use of cussing it seems you’ve failed to reach the fourth grade.
      and I don’t know where you come from but it is not illegal to own automatic weapons

      • It is illegal to own Class 3 weapons if they are purchased from an unlicensed dealer. Which IS what happened. If he’d gone about it the legal way, then he probably would have been denied ownership of said weapons, because he’s an ex-felon. What he did was illegal, plain and simple. I am a strong backer of the 2nd amendment but I also believe that you shouldn’t allow certain people to purchase weapons such as these. He knew the weapons were illegal and he got caught, big deal, let him do his time (like everyone esle would have to do in such a case) and shut up. Weapons like that come with a HUGE responsiblity and that’s the reason Class 3 Firearm dealers are required by law to deny current and prior felons of any weapon of any kind, whether its a semi-automatic pistol or a fully automatic assault rifle, in the event of a negative background check.

  6. yo forget this yo TI dont play with guns

  7. yo if TI wants guns give him guns if TI wants to rap let him rap its your choice what you do with your life not the police


  9. I bet he got set up…

  10. Y’all niggers are dumb ti is black he belongs behind bars just like our presedent

  11. Can anyone on this page spell? Anyone? Please speak up if you can. English please. Those guns pictured are not illegal. Any of you non felon dumbasses can own one. As for TI, he shouldnt have been getting high end automatics. Those are for plotting a crime, not for defense. If he was defending himself from idiots and degenerates dont you think he could do it with a couple pistols and some hot hollowpoints?

    As for #10 on here. Are you dumber than everyone else on this page? Its spelled president. Im guessing your too dumb to vote as well.

    How did I even find this page? Oh, Thats right, I was listening to a TI song and remember reading somewhere he said “Everytime I needed a gun, I never had one” if that isnt a good quote. Thats true, but rappers dont need assault weapons and silencers. I thought the whole reason you have a bodygaurd is for him to protect you..

    Get an education. Learn to type and spell. Your slang sucks. Or just kill each other, whatever works.

  12. for reals i got to agree with 11 here you guys are fucking stupid and need to go back to school most of you guys can’t fucking spell so why do you?
    T.I’S ok but if he got caught up that’s his problem . I mean those are all automatic weaponds . what the fuck like 11 said he could have just gotten a couple pistols but i guess he needs fully automatic guns cause im thinking he has a bad aim and need all them rounds . i dont know and in his new video why the fuck does he have dog tags for that bitch wassent in no millitary branch that shit pissed me of cause im a marine and i saw that shit and google his ass trying to find out if he served but he dint in my opinion no one should have dog tags unless in military .

  13. man fuck ti i hope he gettin raped in jail rite now

    free spm

  14. fuck ti he killed my sister with one of them guns i saw it with my eyes and he told me if i told anybody that he would kill me well fuck that nigga


  16. k personally i think this is sooooo stupid. i can see why there r laws on owning these guns and how these specific one r illegal but come on okay everybody has to wake up here. ti, could have been using these to plan an “attack”, or…. he could be getting full out for the yr 2012 for god sacks lmao
    or………………… anybody everthink……….. maybe he just likes guns…….. and these were guns he always wanted to own wen he was younger. like i honestly doubt he was using any of these to plan anything lmao all ther r is a hobby of his and his collection. that doesnt make it right to have them just……. everybody relax alittle lol

  17. niggers u can have automatics u fucking idiots BUT u cant be a CONVICTED felon like ti and YALL R REALLY FUCKING STUPID NIGGERS learn how to talk right and maybe yall wouldnt live on wellfair for the rest or ur worthless life making me play u to sit on yalls lazy ass all day and smoke crack

    if u have any comment let me kno at my email it beatnigsforeva@yahoo.com

  18. this some bull $hit my nigga tip was just bout to go at war wit this niggas fuck gucci we going to kill that nigga anyway Zone 6 CTE CHI-TOWN WHAT UP FOLK MURDERVILLE

    DIE 5

  19. ? how can someone so stupid be so successful I blame the american youth the only group of ppl stupid enough to think money will make them happy

  20. fuk niggers they cant fukin talk rite

  21. oh u cant protect urself with a 9mm? u cant keep a rifle? no way keep the nigger locked up and all you niggers need to shut the fuck up. he broke the law, he had unlicensed and illegal arms in his possession and theres no reason to have them unless ur going to shoot a joint up.

  22. i don’t think ti did anything wrong he didn’t hurt or threatn anyone with those weapons i personally love ti FREE TI I LOVE YOU!!!

  23. whoa! nice guns

  24. he had an RPD though lol

  25. A monkey with guns? a nigga or a white trash with guns both of em belong to the sewers. If you want to get the crap out put on a pair of boxing gloves and be a real man.
    The crap I mention above as soon as they have a steel in their hands have their asses erected, that is the explanation.

  26. I have a strong feeling most the people here have not finished the 3rd grade

    TI was a convicted felon and one of those guns were illegal the rest were not I have no clue why everyone thinks that automatics are illegal.

    as for the racist comments I’m partially white and black so i just dont really understand it.

    And why are you flipping out over a dog tag?
    I wear them all the time and I’m in the eighth grade and not in the army…I plan on being in the army but I’m not yet so cool down



  29. dont hate on t-i, these fucking peolpe arrested him

  30. dogtags…

    […]News Report Of The T.I Arrest « ~!nfo2Know~[…]…

  31. Free Watching Movies…

    […]News Report Of The T.I Arrest « ~!nfo2Know~[…]…

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