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50 Cent Calls Weezy Out

October 17, 2007

I see 50 back to his same old tricks! When his albums don’t sell 50 likes to pick on people cause of his own insecurities. In the latest King Magazine, 50 takes shots at Lil’ Wayne: You went after Lil’ Wayne on “Part-Time Lover” with the rhyme “You make me want to kiss you like […]

The 40 Year Old ‘Gangster’

September 24, 2007

Somebody should tell L.L Cool J. at some point and time you should quit trying to be a gangster. Some people just don’t know when to bow out the game. LL talks about getting at a certain ‘Paper Champions’ Jay-Z by saying “When you did that verse, you should have been doing you job” Please don’t let […]