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Danity Kane Takes Shots At Keyshia Cole


The ladies of Danity Kane recently stop pass Miss Jones show and when a discussion came up about R&B singer Keyshia Cole the ladies had not so good words to say about the “diva.”

One of the members, Aubrey stated that Keyshia was at MTV’s studio the same time they were there hitting notes that were off. (LOL)

Take a listen to part of the interview: http://www.zshare.net/audio/70405538ad5b32/

This is not the first group who stated that Miss Cole has truly been feeling herself lately. Couple months back Keyshia had a problem with Ne-yo on the R. Kelly’s “Double Up” tour.


5 Responses to “Danity Kane Takes Shots At Keyshia Cole”

  1. They are so beautiful.


  3. fuck DK slutty whores. keyshia cole is raw talent with real life situations. if u can’t appreciate her music and let her enjoy some success after fighting for it for so long- than fuck yourselves

  4. keshia cole is the realiest… she sings about life not about fantasy.. so what is danity kane dosen’t respect true talent who cares………. by the way who is danity kane… my point exactly

  5. Keyshia needs to humble herself cuz she doesn’t have to act like a damn Hood rat… always room for improvement look at Mary J. Such a classy lady…. Keyshia will be over soon smh she needed a reality show to boost her sales u suck you’ll never be Mary. .. learn how to speak properly n sing live. …I see no longevity in her career Danity should’ve jumped her add Ms piggy looking hoe

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