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New Music: Tweet ‘My Dear’ (featuring T.I)


After making an appearance on VH-1’s Hip Hop Honors, Tweet’s back with a new single called ‘My Dear’ featuring T.I. Tweet is no longer on Missy Elliott’s Goldmind label, she join forces with Jheryl Busby(former Motown Records president) and Mike City (producer for Brandy, Carl Thomas, Dave Hollister) new label Umbrella Recordings. Tweet is set to release “Love, Tweet” early 2008.

As for the single, the single featured Ciara at first, but in this industry it’s a well known fact for songs to be recycled when the original artist doesn’t use it.

Take A Listen: http://www.zshare.net/audio/4138940a312c25/


3 Responses to “New Music: Tweet ‘My Dear’ (featuring T.I)”

  1. that’s whats up….i haven’t heard from tweet in awhile and when she left i was kinda upset but now i’m excited she’s coming back!!!!!

  2. I love you so much…cause you are sooo hottttttt!!!Meli From Kosovo,kisses

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