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Solange Talks About Her Marriage In Essence’s Magazine


Solange Knowles talked about her marriage to Daniel Smith  and her sister’s success in the lastest Essence magazine  Here’s how it went:

ESSENCE.com: As you know there’s a lot of mystery surrounding your relationship with your husband, Daniel Smith, so let’s just go ahead and get that out of the way. Are you still married?

Solange Knowles:Well, I am no longer married, but I think it’s very important not to dish details. We are friends and we coparent our son. When he gets older I don’t want him to read anything about me saying anything about his father or vice versa. When there’s a child involved I think the less information given is best.

ESSENCE.com: So just to clear things up, how did you two meet?

S.K.: We met at a high school party through mutual friends. He was in high school and I was 13 and in middle school. We were together seven years, so it wasn’t just some random guy. We were basically high school sweethearts.

ESSENCE.com: Do you have any regrets about the situation? Did you feel forced or pressured to get married?

S.K.: No, I think every decision has made me who I am today. I’ve embraced everything because I know that only God can give life, no one else. I’m happy that I have a beautiful, wonderful, amazing child who’s made me a better person.

ESSENCE.com: Let’s address some of the rumors out there. Apparently, folks believe you left your husband for Lil Wayne. Is that true?

S.K.: (Laughs) That’s absolutely not true. Yes, we know each other but I absolutely did not leave my husband for him.

ESSENCE.com: What’s the craziest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?

S.K.: I think the craziest rumor was that my dad paid my son’s father $1 million to marry me. That was everywhere at one time, and that was really funny. I always joke that I wish we had it like that: “Here, take a million dollars, marry her…”

ESSENCE.com: So you don’t aspire to your sister’s level of superstardom?

S.K.: No, I don’t want to get that far. (Laughs) I feel really bad for my sister. I’m always like “Oh, let’s go to the mall” or “Let’s go here” and she can’t. I enjoy having that.

To read the whole article in its entirey, click the link: http://www.essence.com/essence/themix/entertainment/0,16109,1666329-1,00.html


54 Responses to “Solange Talks About Her Marriage In Essence’s Magazine”

  1. Dang,Solange and her baby’s daddy are no longer together?! sorry,but it’s just kinda weird to me how they got married,than after they had the child got divorced.In my opinion,I feel that they should of not gotten married if they was not working out or something.Other than that,I’m cool with solange,I really have any other bad comments except when the heck is she gone start her next CD album because many fans have been waiting for years!

    • my bus driver is solange’s baby daddy’s and she said they are going out again

    • It wasn’t like they were gonna know if they were going to have issues after the child was born. I dont think that anyone has the right to jude someone else on their relationships. I think being together for seven years before being married, gave them enough time to decide if they thought that they were compatible or not. Apparently, they thought that they were. Having a child can take a huge tole on a marriage. Sometimes, God puts people together because He has something in store for them. They might’ve not lasted. but the joy that they recieve with their child will.

  2. that little boy is a true blessing.he is adorable…those eyes of his

  3. I just wanted to say that Solange is right. Annd

  4. I just wanted to say that Solange is right. And I think that she was great in Bring it on
    – all or nothin! she is the greatest actress ever when is she acting in a film again?

  5. yeah ya baby is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. You are a strong woman and all the decisions you make are for your sons future keep up the good job

  7. There’s something I don’t understand: If she got married at 17 and met her husband at 13, how can they have spent 7 years together before the wedding? Akward!!??

  8. she met him at 13, spent four years going out with him, got married in 2004 and stayed with him til 2007, then got divorced. 4+3=7. 7 years together in total

  9. ur bab3 is so cute lol ur sis is comin behind ur foot steps……………………………lol

  10. ur bab3 is so cute and u( no homo) ur sis is following behind ur footsteps……..

  11. i think solange has the right information because its so important waiting till your ready

  12. your baby is so a dorable aaaaaaaah he is so cute and solange is really pretty

  13. ur baby iz hell as cute and it is too bad u aint get to be in the destiny child group before they broke up.i wonder iz ur sister pregnant if she iz congratz.and if she is marryed congratz to ur new brtha in law

  14. is it just me or does that baby boy look JUST like tina?!?!? LOL ya’ll stay blessed always-

  15. at fist i didnt like her i felt like like we didnt need another beyonce in music but her sound is different and i like her alot now i dont feel like shes just another syuck up girl who has a famous sister she making her own name and i like that i think she has a lot to give music ..

  16. Its obvious they got married for her rep because she was pregnant. Young love with a football player please that would never work out child or not. Obviously her family wouldnt approve of their daughter having a baby out of wedlock.

  17. Whos Older?? Beyonce Or Solange ???

  18. Is That Solange’s Baby?

  19. I agree with you, carissa

  20. whatever her reason for getting married is her business. people need to stop judging these celebrities and let them live their life. solange is to classy for lil wayne she probably just left her husband because they grew apart. good luck solange with your future and your son

  21. Solange,
    From the 1st time I met you, I thought you and Daiel were a beautiful couple. Your guys share a beautiful child. Daniel is no ug=mo. Wished the 2 of you could have worked things out. In years to come, you would have seen how beautiful it was together. Through the good and the bad. Best Wishes

  22. Solange your a beautiful and strong mother. To be so young and have a child and to be so responsible too that’s good. Ignore all these people trying to bring you down because they might say nasty things about you like your too young and irresponsible, but you know you, im sure your family knows you and that’s all that matters. Oh and little Daniel so handsome!!!!

  23. i luv solange and baby jewlz. he’s a little cutie pie. his eyes r ssssssssooooooo adorable. solange is a great person. im kinda happy that she doesn’t want to be at her sisters stardom status cause if she was she wouldn’t be able to go almost absolutely nowhere.


  25. Solange, my hat’s off to you. You’re doing your thing with class and talent and it doesn’t seem that you need your big sis or anyone else for that matter to help you accomplish your goals. Although it certainly doesn’t hurt either to be surrounded by so much talent such as what you have ;-). I think you’re a gorgeous young woman in all sincerity and Julez is lucky to have a mom like yourself. He’s a surefire young ladykiller with his little handsome self. Keep doing you gurl and don’t let nobody rain on your parade because no matter what you attempt to do there will always be someone who will try to bring you down. Keep stepping tall heels and all…. your boundaries are limitless!!!!

  26. hi this holly thompson i know how it feels when your dad and mom an’t together anymore cause when i was 8 yearsold my dad lafed me three times and then he was gone yeah i’m 19 now and i still think about him and everything he did but i still love him and i know he loves me too. so when your little boy gets 8 or 19 he will understand that he had a wonderful mom and dad like you solange knowles and he will be so grownup and then you can live to be the one mom who had a cute little like him and i wish you joy and happness too. love hollygo your fan.

  27. do u have any other sisters then beyonce

  28. dang solange…he must really looked good n high skool ummm yur son is very pretty how old iz he????do you still have fellinq 4 ya husband?????what age did you have ya son?????well ma name is monia{mo-nay}nd i jus wanted to tell you that you r settinq a great examples 4 these otha young girls out here gettinq pregnet well yu take care of ya baby boi nd keep doinq da ryt thing 4 him………..

    hitt me up sometymez
    love ya {my idol!!!]

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  30. the baby is so cute but does he have blue eyes? is Daniel Smith white?

  31. Solange, Solange, Solange…lady is doing her thing and is doin it so so so well. I’m loving ur music and ur amazing aura. u really have inspired me, and thanx for bringing bak that Motown element to music, its definetly working. I’m sure you know that God’s plans for your life endure forever, beyond your own . Be blessed Ms Solo…Baby Jewlz is just so so beautiful…and yea, i can see a bit of ur mom in him. Much love and respect…all the way from South Africa. Haters can continue to hate on hehe

  32. hi!!salonge

    wat ya doin

    luv u


  33. hey wats up mz.solange when is a nother albume comin out ooh yeah i almost forgot tell beyonce happy birthday when you see her again.luv yeah much take care luv u and yah sister much and happy labor day.

  34. dont let anybody put yah down keep yah head up if somebody tell you somethin tell them to kick rock bag back.lol. luv yah much

  35. I’m French. I love Beyonce and her sister Solange

  36. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is sooooooooooo cuteeee!!!!!!!!!wow incredible BABY!!!!!!GIRL GOD HAS BLESS U WITH MANY AND ONE IS THAT ADORBLE BABY U HOLDING

  37. I think Solange married to protect Bey’s career and her image–the Knowles have a way of hiding things..they want to seem perfect in the publics eye. In addition, Solange is talented and I wish her the best on her singing career.

  38. sa lu tun est belle je voulais te dire
    et je voulais faire anple connaissace avec toi

  39. salut

  40. solang why did u break up with smith?u two were such hot couple

  41. oi ela é gata aaaaaaa

  42. Do u or beyonce have a child?

  43. Beyonce is pretty.

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  45. I LOVE her!!!… =)

  46. solange is so-so hot and im sure ladies all over the world are inspired.im so crazy about yo ntrack sandcastle disco.keep it up gal.

  47. omega po chrono,

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