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Lil’ Wayne Covers The New Vibe


8 Responses to “Lil’ Wayne Covers The New Vibe”

  1. can’t wait to read about lil’weezy

  2. weezy f baby is the best rapper alive no question. I think he is almost the best rapper alive even if pac and biggie came back to… it is just so amazing that he never writes anything down ether.Pure tallent!

  3. i hope he not marry dat trix ass, hoe supahead, he shoulda stay wit trina. im tellin him u cant turn a hoe into a housewife. and dat bitch supahead is a low-class hoe,dnt no read her fuckin books, they low-class makin women look bad.


  5. weezy the boss i love him the article i cant wait to read to find outwhat i need to find out more even though i know everything about him so but i’ll just see what else i dont know love ya
    ya girl *BAMBI*

  6. LiL WaYnE WhEezy EFf BaBee Iz tHe sEXiESt Man ON DiS plAnET I LOvE HIm Sooo MuCh I waNt 2 mArRy hIm aNd hAvE MaD FuCkIN kIdS … hE Is thE BeST RaPPeR aLiVe AnD hE PrOvEs tHaT WiTh hIs LyRiCs hE Is A FuCkIn GeNiuS And cAnT nO oNe Do It lIKe Him lOvE Ya wIfEy tIfFaNyXoXoXoXo

  7. Lil Wayne is simply my hero. The guy is amazing! All I know about him is the persona that comes across from his songs, interviews and videos, even so what I see, I love. He is the best rapper alive and tha shit he’s doin has never been done before so hail him.

  8. Ya’ll need to stop with this best rapper alive bullshit. Theres alot more to being a great rapper than making up punch lines. Jay-Z or nas would destroy him in battle. his shit doesnt make sense, his rhymes dont flow, and if you had any other rapper rap lil waynes verses you would realize they are just fucked up nonsense. i know he rules hip hop, but who else is challanging him? soulja boy? if pac and biggie were makin music today and if nas and jay were still being consistant, we wouldnt even know who this “weezy f baby” is.

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