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Jay-Z’s ‘Blue Magic’ Trailer

I reported earlier this week Jay-Z would be releasing a new single from his upcoming album ‘American Gangster.’  Not sure exactly if this is the video or a trailer. I’m digging the beat for ‘Blue Magic’ produced by Pharrell.

Along with the video Jay Z & Beyonce were spotted yesterday walking in Soho. (Pictures posted right under the video.)


8 Responses to “Jay-Z’s ‘Blue Magic’ Trailer”

  1. hhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. You give me a reason to work harder. Thank you Sean.

  3. I LOVE JAY-Z !!!!

  4. ay0 h0va y0uh mah nigga f0r life lil wayne aint better than y0u that nigga dnt make n0 sense stupid niggahsz dnt like y0uh cause they cant comprehend im 12 years 0ld and i kn0 y0uh tha truth mah nigga stay up yah song is tha shxt

  5. blue magic resemble tha 80;s lil wayne kant do that shxt and he aint shxt mah nigga you is tha best rapper alive from say hello to aint no love to dead presidnets you tha best mah fav december 4th

  6. I like them. Beyonce is very pretty

  7. jay z kiero conocerte

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