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J. Lo’s Back With ‘Brave’



Jennifer Lopez is ready to release her second album this year. The first one cater more towards her spanish backround, this one is the J-Lo we are all use to. She describes this album as  “a little Jamiroquai, a little Sade. It’s real feel-good music”. Her new album will be in stores October 9th, featuring her  single “Do It Well”.

Really hope Mrs. Lopez-Anthony been working on them vocals!!!!

Here is the official tracklisting for the album

01. Stay Together
02. Hold It, Don’t Drop It
03. Do It Well
04. Gotta Be There
05. Never Gonna Give Up
06. Mile In These Shoes
07. The Way It Is
08. Be Mine
09. I Need Love
10. Wrong When You’re Gone
11. Brave


2 Responses to “J. Lo’s Back With ‘Brave’”

  1. iono if this is gunna be hott…i heard she’s having twins….CONGRATS J-LO!!!!

  2. this album is bangin and her vocals have improved alot but lets remember she is a performer first and she has shown she is one of the best still in the game when still havin twins continuing to do her first major tour…… i salute u Mrs. Lopez

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